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Speaker contracts

Sunday April 19, 2015

I’ve been speaking at events for four years now, with these spanning small, free, community events in the UK, to large corporate curated events in the USA. Whilst I was very comfortable presenting to clients and internally at my agency, my first ever public outings were under my role as an Adobe Community Professional at Adobe… [ Read more ]

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ST4I workshop

Saturday March 28, 2015

At the end of February I attended Seb Lee-Delisle’s latest workshop, all about the “Internet of Things”, or as Seb likes to put it: “Stuff that talks to the Interwebs” (ST4I). Having had the pleasure of speaking at The Web Is with Seb last year, his talk clearly showcased some of the amazing things that can be done… [ Read more ]

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Choosing the ‘right’ CMS

Sunday January 25, 2015

This topic is one of the oldest items that I’ve had in my ever-changing list of ideas to write about, however recently Chris Coyier posted a tweet that sparked some interesting discussion, and the varied responses prompted me to finally put fingers to keyboard to air my views on the matter. How do you choose the right… [ Read more ]

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net Magazine issue 260 – dConstruct report

Saturday October 4, 2014

dConstruct 2014

I got my subscription copy of net Magazine in the post today, and during my usual initial flick through was pleased to see a miniature version of my own face looking back at me. Back in August I’d been asked to report on dConstruct for the magazine, so had headed down to Brighton armed with my trusty battered… [ Read more ]

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Diversity is more than gender

Sunday September 28, 2014


Last Friday I attended Generate conference in London, where I had the pleasure of being introduced to a lovely guy – Benjamin Hollway. Ben is a developer, is currently interning at a Brighton agency, and was recently shortlisted for a net magazine award. He’s also 16. I was never a 16 year old in the… [ Read more ]

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