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Improving supermarket processes with technology

Sunday September 14, 2014

We’re lucky, here in Colchester, that we have access to so much great East Anglian produce. From Mersea Island oysters, to Cromer Crab, to samphire, pork and more, the ingredients available round here are exceptional. In addition to food, possibly due to the fact that we’re one of Britain’s driest regions we also have some… [ Read more ]

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Speaking at The Digital Pond

Wednesday August 13, 2014

Last week was a busy one. Amongst some work with the ODI that we’re doing for the BBC, I also spoke at an event called The Digital Pond one evening. The Digital Pond is a free meetup, and this one was titled ‘Responding To The Responsive Web: Insights On Reshaping User Experience‘. I had the pleasure of catching… [ Read more ]

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Negative client feedback and you

Tuesday August 12, 2014

One of the things I’m very keen on is being open about the realities of freelancing. Even though I’m over a year and a half in, I’m always eager to read pieces that others have shared on the matter, whether they’re about the realities of business, how people work, or just general freelancer musings, because they… [ Read more ]

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Snow Crash

Sunday August 3, 2014

I’m reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson at the moment, and came across this passage that I particularly liked. “When I was fifteen years old, I missed a period. My boyfriend and I were using a diaphragm, but I knew it was fallible. I was good at math, I had the failure rate memorized, burnt… [ Read more ]

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WordPress to Kirby

Sunday July 27, 2014

Paul Swain's website header

The other week, my friend Paul Swain happened to mention that he was finally getting round to transferring some of his old blog posts over to his current site. Paul used to have a WordPress-based site, but switched over to Kirby when he redesigned it a while back. His situation struck a bit of a… [ Read more ]

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